Top 8 Reasons to Switch to Saree Shapers: A Must-Read Guide

Top 8 Reasons to Switch to Saree Shapers: A Must-Read Guide

Hello, Ladies! Are you someone who's tired of wearing bulky petticoats and underskirts that restrict your comfortable movements? Time to make the switch to easy and comfortable saree shapers, the best solution to get a gorgeous look in our traditional attire. Saree shapewears are specifically designed liners that provide shape, support, and the utmost comfort while wearing sarees. In this guide, let us figure out the top 8 reasons why you need to switch to saree shapers for a seamless saree look.

1. Oh, So Comfortable Saree Shapers!

           The reason why saree shapers are very comfortable is that they fulfil the need for perfect flexibility without giving a bulky feeling. It also never restricts your movements so that you can be free from adjusting, tugging, and discomfort. You could already feel that you need not care after you are done with draping your saree. So now, you’ll be the trendsetter in the crowd!

2. Drawstrings for! Yup

           The contour-shaping technology of these saree shapers ensures a fit and flare silhouette under the saree. The flat-string design doesn’t expose tummy bulges, completing a good look. They can give you a signature-kind appearance that goes very well. And the special part is that it never digs your skin while wearing them all day! Also, you would feel light and comfy for your occasion without being scared if it might go loose.

3. Beautifying your Curves? Yeah!

            Saree shapers effortlessly allow us to flaunt our curves with confidence. No matter the body type, you would look gorgeous. Trust us! You are! It helps in achieving a well-defined shape, enhancing the overall appearance. Curves that never make you feel overwhelmed but support your saree and give you freedom of movement without feeling constrained. So, it is already time to ditch the traditional petticoat and say “yes” to slaying in flexible saree shapers.

Sun-Shine Saree Shaper

4. Movements are Easy Peasy Tasks ;)

             Yes! You heard it right. Petticoats might be draggy. It could even make you feel heavy and make you uncomfortable while walking. But saree shapers are lightweight, making it super easy for you to carry and walk. You can do your everyday activities, like walking, climbing up the stairs, dancing, or even a bike ride, easily. This never lets you regret your purchase.

5. Slit Side Flares! Call it Mermaid Cut..

              Did you know why you feel difficult while walking with petticoats? It’s because of the closed stitches. It won't let you climb up stairs, walk, or even sit. No worries anymore! That is why we’ve introduced side slit comfort with flares along with them. Also, the shiny, shimmering look would make your saree’s look the very best. So, ONE SHAPER, MANY SAREES to feel proud about...

6. Very Less to No Waiting Time! 100%

             Whether it’s a get-ready-with-me session or a wait-for-me session, I’ll join in 15 minutes, and the transformation will be so real. Surprisingly, you will be ready so quickly that you might even reach the venue on time, unlike normal. It gives a complete finish in a short duration, too, without any hassle. Thanks to its easy-to-tuckin features and stay-in-place advantage.

 7. It’s so light that you can fly with your saree!

              You can easily increase your dopamine levels when dancing, and that too with this saree shaper. OMG! It’s easy! Petticoats might usually hinder your movements on the dance floor. But, need not worry about that; with your saree shaper on, it’s all set for a perfect dance day. Enjoy the festivities in full force with grace, and let you, with your saree, be the talk of the dance floor.

8. Your silky soft & flexible buddy!

             Saree shapers are a must-have for anyone who appreciates elegance. This greatly saves time with providing utmost flexibility in any saree from lightweight to heavy silk sarees. Their soft breathable fabric moulds to the body enhancing the look that's available from S to 3XL to suit every body type. Their flexibility can be evidently seen with people wearing them comfortably.

Here are a few reviews that made us feel that saree shapers are worth buying for every woman!

1. Meghana R. 9/14/2022

Size is accurate and colour is also same.and the material is so soft and comfy.

2. Pallavi J. 1/4/2024

Excellent fit ….. adds glam to the saree …. Exactly the way I wanted ….. stretchy material … fits perfectly even while sitting ….. perfect for all kind of saree . Happy with the product.

3. Aakriti A. 10/10/2023

My first purchase. And oh i am so happy! What a perfect fit Plus so comfortable. The fabric, the shade is perfect. Definitely buying so many more now.

4. Mary 6/28/2020

Twin birds is doing an excellent job with their shapewear. Their silk saree shapewear is absolutely fantastic! High quality fabric which feels weightless on the body.. elastic band is top notch. Seams are finished to perfection with no loose threads hanging out.Yes it is premium.. but this is the best out there so it’s worth getting it

5. Sasi 5/25/2021
First time I am trying this brand. They are true to the size, stretchable and comfortable. I give 5/5. Delivered as expected. Will buy more

Comfortable Saree Shaper

Why does everyone love saree shapers?

People love saree shapers as these kinds of undergarments provide a sleek and smooth look, unlike the bulky-looking traditional petticoats. It offers comfort, support, and flexibility, thus making it the favourite choice for all women. No matter if it's a special occasion, a wedding, a party, or to wear it every day, saree shapers have gained special reviews for their ability to enhance the overall appearance of wearing sarees.

Celebrities, including fashion icons and Bollywood stars, are already examples of shapers gaining importance. It’s because they are often spotted with these confidently. There are influencers who would also emphasise using shapers for petticoats, which has also been considered a trend. From thigh shapers to tummy-controlling options, there is a shaper for each body type, shape, and size.


Thus, saree shapers have revolutionised the way women dress up in sarees, providing super-duper comfort and style. The attractive designs and contour-shaping technology of the shapers give you a naturally appealing structure. Also, it allows you to flaunt your curves without any discomfort. So, you can happily say goodbye to uncomfortable petticoats and miniskirts and hello to these comfort bringers! It's time for you to explore fashion and make a statement with your saree shapers! Have a happy shopping day!!!